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General Information

Our products are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they not only retain their colour but are also extremely durable. Despite quality control and testing, we cannot promise that your Clob jewellery will never break or tarnish. If any of our products have such a defect, we provide the following manufacturer's warranty in addition to the statutory warranty that the consumer is entitled to under certain conditions.

CLOB GmbH, Webgasse 11 / 3-4, 1060 Vienna, provides consumers with a warranty for the products it manufactures under the following conditions and to the extent described below. This manufacturer's warranty is without prejudice to mandatory legal liability regulations, such as the Product Liability Act, in cases of intent and gross negligence, injury to life, body, or health caused by CLOB GmbH or its agents.

For the purposes of this manufacturer's warranty, a consumer is any natural person who owns the product and did not acquire it for resale in a private capacity or for sale to third parties within the scope of their commercial or self-employed professional activities.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty terms apply exclusively within the European Union. The warranty is valid for all products purchased from March 1, 2023 (purchase receipt) onwards. CLOB GmbH guarantees that the products we offer will not break within the first 6 months after purchase. In addition, we offer a lifetime warranty on the plating of the products. If a piece of jewellery loses its colour, regardless of when it happens, we will replace the product free of charge. All claims related to product liability are subject to legal regulations. Under this warranty, defects caused by material flaws will be rectified.

CLOB GmbH guarantees that in case of breakage of the product within 6 months from the date of purchase, the product in question will be replaced free of charge. Additionally, we provide a lifetime colour guarantee and will replace the piece of jewellery free of charge if it loses its colour, regardless of when it occurs. In case of defects found upon receipt of the unworn product, please contact our support immediately so that we can arrange a replacement delivery.

Defects that occur after wearing the product can be claimed by email with attached photos and videos. Products older than six months are generally excluded from the warranty against breakage, but not from the tarnish warranty. We fulfill this warranty by rectifying defects arising from material flaws within the warranty period, either by replacing the product or by issuing a credit.

Each product can only be claimed once per order and size.

Double complaint requests by email regarding the same product of an order number cannot be processed, likewise if no meaningful picture was attached.

CLOB GmbH reserves the right to alternatively make a refund or partial refund of the purchase price. The services described here apply in addition to statutory warranties and do not replace or limit them. This warranty is a voluntary and non-binding service of CLOB GmbH, which can be denied at any time without stating reasons.

Excluded Warranty Situations

Goodwill: There is no entitlement to a warranty for gifts and goodwill gestures towards the customer. A warranty requires a mandatory purchase. The customer must provide consideration for it.

Third-Party Purchases: There is no entitlement to warranty service when purchasing Clob products through third-party sellers.

Gifted Products: Products received as part of our promotions are not eligible for warranty service.

Products purchased more than 6 months ago are generally excluded from the warranty against breakage.

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