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Finding Your Perfect Ring Size Made Easy

Method 1: You Already Have a Ring that Fits

To determine your perfect ring size, take an existing ring and measure its inner diameter. Then compare the measured result with our size chart in the product description to find the best-fitting ring size for you.

Tip: If you're between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger option.

If manual measurement is too cumbersome for you, you can also easily download the free app that helps you find your ring size. Here's the link to the iPhone app [Click Here]

Method 2: You Don't Have a Suitable Ring

No problem at all! Here is a step-by-step guide to determine your ring size:

  1. Prepare Materials: You'll need a pen, a strip of paper, and a ruler.

  2. Cut Paper Strip: Cut a narrow strip of paper with a length of 9 cm.

  3. Wrap Paper Strip Around Finger: Wrap the paper strip lengthwise around the finger on which you intend to wear the ring.

  4. Mark Overlap: Use a pen to mark the end of the overlap on the paper strip.

  5. Measure Distance: Measure the marked distance with the ruler in centimeters.

  6. Determine Ring Size: The measured length in cm corresponds to your ring size. For example, a distance of 5.2 cm corresponds to a ring size 52.

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